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Pain after 3 back surgeries and another one coming up

Started by momo on 08/10/2013 3:29am

In 2006 I had my first fusion. In 2007 my second surgery on my back, 2008 my third with comlications of staff infection. Since that time it seems my bones break so easily. I broke my wrist, three bones in my foot, two broken toes and my left knee was pretty bad from a fall. I have had two surgeries per year at least since 2006. Now the back doctor tells me I have a disk protruding onto a nerve in the T area directly above my last fusion.

My pain management doctor wants to put the medtronics stimulator in my back but I tried the week long trial and did not do well with it at all. I think he just does not want to up my meds. I was on 60mg Morphine Sulphate 3 x day, and Norco 4x day adding a sleeping pill and something for constipation. I do not think that is all that much since in the past I was on much more but asked him to take me off. But now with the pain flare up since December I am really in a bad way. I dont know how to approach him. He has not seen the reports from the CT and MRI yet.

Can anyone give me advice????

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