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4th Neck surgery left my partially paralized in my left leg.

Started by Disabled39hites... on 10/24/2013 2:31am

I'm 39, my first neck surgery was c5 c 6, I felt like a brand new person. Then I was Ina car accident hit by a drunk driver, so I had surgery c3- c4, a year later after being at a pain clinc and receing injections that did not work I had and surgery there wAs another herinated disc, c4 c5. Hope ur still with me i am getting to my point.

ON FEB 21 I walked into the hospital to have metal an plastic removed from my neck, cause I live every day with chronic pain, migraines, tremors and and very little movement in my head. So they found a whole in my spine pull me from the pain clinic I chose bone fusion., left hip I wake up paralized on the kit side of my body. I still have chronic neck pain, numbness both hands and I didn't walk out of the hospital, to this day I have no feeling in my left hip or leg. Dr. Says he doesn't know, just had a doulble MRI, no nerve compression. I've been declared disabled still haven't had my hearing. I want my life back. I don't want to be in pain for just 10 min. Anyone else have this similar issue.

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