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Lost in workers compensation shuffle

Started by Rich C on 10/31/2013 5:13am

I am a 51y old who was aways physically active until I was involved in auto accident at work on 2/01/13. I have had nine mri's since then all saying disc bulging , , flattening of cord in cervical c5, c6 , , thoracic t6, t6 and lumber l5, l6 with severe nerve encroachment. Have been shuffled around to two spinal surgeon's both say not surgical candidate, neurologist says need surgery in all areas to date I have sevre pain in cervical, thoracic and lumbar. I have lost ability to balance, can only walk by shuffling my feet also affecting bladder. I take tramadol and accetimedifin takes some pain away. Now being sent back to neurologist. Sleep is limited to 4-6 hrs a night most times in recliner. Has anybody been in this situation, have not worked in 9 mo. Hoping to hear from someone.

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Yes I fell at work and workers comp giving the same, I had to learn the hard way, first don't give up, get a lawyer,and see a NS, they (worker comp) want you to go back to work and will drag it along as long as they can the cheapest way they can. DO NOT GIVE UP!!!!!!!!!!! GET HELP! THE DOCTORS YOU ARE SEEING AND IF YOU HAVE A CASE WORKER ARE ON WORKER COMP SIDE. GET A GOOD LAWYER AND HE WILL HELP! GOOD LUCK