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Still in Pain!!! 6 years on

Started by 1346860816@facebook on 12/05/2013 7:50pm

I am a39 year old male who had an accident in 2006 that went un-diagnosed for 6 months and by the time it had (paid private) I had suffered spinal cord damage to c5-c6 area. I went through having emergency op and had c5-c6 acdf. I recovered but never got back anything near to what I used to be like. In 2009 I took a turn for the worse again and needed c6-c7 doing also. Ever since I have been in somewhat terrible pain. Sometimes barely unbelievable to point I think about no being here no more. I am currently in extreme pain and again can see no light at the end of the tunnel.
My last MRI a few months back said I had Progressive Mylomalcia to the area around the c5-c7 , could anyone elaborate why it says progressive? I thought it was supposed to be stagnant and not get any worse. I don't understand why the Progressive??
I take pregabalin, morphine patches, diclofenac and baclofen.
I have been having some strange muscle contractions within my arm arm and some more pain than I usually get + when I sit my leg pain and burning intensify greatly!!! I find myself just standing for much of the time which can be exhausting!!
The last MRI said I had no compression now but its the progressive mylo that's really worrying me, as I don't understand..
I used to be a fitness instructor and loved to workout, I do try and keep active but not sure if I should train with weights as this maybe worsening my symptoms..
I am permanent disability now but I have gone back to Uni to study and have nearly completed a Degree in Business Management as I would love to get back into work but this pain is holding me back.

Does any else know of this progressive mylomalacia ?? and will this mean I will get worse over time??

Thanks in advance

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Hi I just googled Mylomalcia and easy to read. Look it up and you will understand. I may have had an advantage of previously working as a radiographer. I too had c5/6 fused after a road accident. Tear ended. Rt rotatorcuff was repaired first, and 18mths after accident cervical fusion. I recovered from surgery easily enough, but developed pneumonia and oesphagitis. Which my GP diagnosed as asthma!!! I was in a terrible state for three months. However fine motor skills returned and pain in arm went. UNTIL two months ago, 8mths after surgery. I have an old disc,small protrusion c6/7 which he didn't remove. My neck and shoulder are in fairly constant spasm, and on/off headaches aggravated by noise. having Physio at moment, a holiday in the sun for three weeks, and if no better a steroid injunction. Just wish he had done both together! I had severe dysphonia for two months, and could only swallow mush. Lost a stone in weight and appetite still poorish Glad I had it done as pain was 15 on scale of 1-10. Now a 6. Any suggestions and good luck