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C-2 nerve pain

Started by Linda497 on 03/23/2014 11:11am

Does anyone have neck pain resulting from damaged C-2 nerve root? I believe this neck nerve was damaged from a diving accident I had when I was 18 years old. I struck the right concrete wall of the pool with my right forehead underwater on the downward descent into the pool. I am 62 now and have quite a history of attempting to find answers/treatments/relief. I have great difficulty with sleeping as any assortment of pillows inflames the nerve and base of the spine necessitating use of Excedrin extra strength to knock down the inflammation. It took years for anyone to suggest it for me and it is my main arsenal of treatment to give me some kind of life back yet. Has anyone had a C-2 ganglionectomy with or without relief? I had a surgical decompression of the nerve (with I thought a little relief) so then months later elected to have a complete surgical lysis (cutting) of the nerve root to hopefully eliminate the pain. I did not notice any improvement from that. So...I am left with daily Lyrica twice a day, occasional Imitrex for more centrally located base of the cervical spine pain, and Excedrin extra strength as needed (usually one paill will do, maybe 5 or 6 pills a week. Does anyone else have similar problem ans what has helped you? I hope my information may also help you.

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