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Pain pump Clonidine anyone ever had a problem with Medication

Started by debbie63 on 04/27/2014 1:03pm

Hi all, I had the pain pump implanted in Nov 2013, and for the first 3 months was working pretty good. I was on clonidine and dilaudid any getting a little dizzy so my doctor put me on fentenal and forgot to put the clonidine in and I had a clonidiine withdrawal. and ended up in the hospitial. I am currently working with a cardiologist and pain doctor to get my meds right. I am back on clonidine and morphine and my blood pressure is up and down. also on bystolic fm cardiologist. Anyone with these types of problems, wanting to find someone to talk with, so I can get some help. Have trouble sleeping at night, when I lay down my blood pressure goes up, and I feel trembling inside me. I had high blood pressure before all this started, but never this bad. The clonidine was only used in the pain pump as a neutralizer. since it help my blood pressure in the beginning I was weaned off my pills. I dont know if I should keep the clonidine in my pain pump. The clonidine does help my leg pain and the morphine only helps my back a little. My pain Doc says he does not want to put me back on dilaudid since I was dizzy, but when I was on both I felt so better. I dont know how to change the pain Doc's mind to change my meds back. Any help would be appreciated. Debbie

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Hello. I know your post is from years ago. Are you still active?