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sciatica do to traumatic injurg to nerve below back

Started by 100007746109086... on 12/09/2014 12:50am

I have an injury that stretched my sciatic nerve in my buttock and will not recover. I have the lower part of the leg amputated and am stuck with the upper part. It is the most brutal pain imaginable. I have had every limb broken so I know what pain is. I have had pain clinics or so called and I have had 2 different back surgeries with the promise he would clip the nerve. He didnt and I ended up in amonth long coma from his mistakes. I am begging for help specifically in burning the nerve endings. I am from knoxville tn. And I am begging for help or information in dealing with this. Can anyone help me please. Tell me were to go or who to see. Tell me who will do the procedure. I will never give up hope and please pray for me.

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