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22y male, chronic lower back pain & declining mentality

Started by 1674617560@facebook on 12/10/2014 8:25am

So I got kicked in the back playing soccer 6 years ago, find out years later after riding BMX I've got a pars defect.

I'm quite the extreme sports kind of guy, I was very active in bmx, snowboarding, motorcross, trampolining until the last 2 years.

I've been slowly working my way through the options with a specialist which included a L4 and 5 facet joint injection which gave me relief for about 3 months, the pain obviously came
I've recently had a denervation of the same area but 3 weeks on I'm still having issues.

The pain is simple. Starts like a build up of pressure in the area where I had the crack, and it just spreads and aches continuously.

It's slowly begun to take over mentally seeing as I can no longer do the things I wish to do.
I work an office job, no real excitement but it's all I think about all day every day, all afternoon and all night.. it's making life hell.

Meanwhile I can't get any form of pain killer that seems to do the trick,
Currently on palexia, prescribed by my doctor, a slow release med. it works slightly but it's day to day...

Enough of the sob story I'm here for answers!
Has anybody got coping mechanisms to deal with the negative mindset or to take the mind off the pain?... Share away, I'm all ears!

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They only give facet shots twice right?? Your doctor with no other options could start you on hydrocodone and see if that takes the pain to a tolerable level but you punched out two really bad ones there. L4 L5 your about to go to s1 and pray you don't.

Which came first the pain or the mental as it all goes hand in hand but your pain doctor could do better.


You're too young to be suffering like that! I wish I had answers but all I can say is that you're not alone. Morphine is the only thing that takes my pain away. I am using a low dose only in the afternoon/evening because it does mess with short term memory. I see a pain psychologist because I've been "hanging in there" for 2 years. You might think about massage and/or acupuncture. Definitely don't give up, and keep looking for the right doctor.


Hi I am so sorry you are having so much trouble getting the right kind of treatment. I broke C-2 through C-6 and T-6, T-7 in Afganastain I was in the Marine Corps for 24 years the injury ended in my career. My pain is manged with a pain pump with clonidine and dilaudid. I have hade several facet injection and they do work for a while, for maybe a month. I was told they would last 3 months. I believe you can only have three injections a year. If I we're you I would contact Medtronic you can find them on the internet. I would ask for a list of Doctors in your area that implant pain pumps. My life has turned 180 degrees since I had my mine put in. If you need anything else you can email me at kmshirel@ me.com. I will be praying for you. God bless and hang in there you will get it figured out.