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Looking for answers!

Started by Helplessspouse on 05/04/2015 10:14pm

Hey all. I am at a loss. My husband had a cervical fusion five years ago. The dr did very little post op care ( no bone stimulator, no referral to PT nothing!) well fast forward to now and the pain i(right between his shoulder blades below the fusion is excruciating. He barely sleeps everyday he is barely able to function, not sleeping can not sit for any time at all hardly drive etc. he goes to a pain clinic who prescribes him strong painkillers that do not touch the pain so he rarely takes the med. we even when to rush hospital in Chicago who said the fusion looks ok but there is now severe Scoliosus. he is only 37 and can barely hold his head up he is in pain 24/7 it controls our whole life! Heat, inversion therapy, exercise etc nothing helps. I need advice it breaks my heart to see him suffer. He had a fusion with a synthetic bone I am not sure if that didn't heal properly? What tests can we demand? Who or what specialists are better? Please help!!! I feel hopeless.. Thanks all and God bless!

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Hi! I had several cervical fusions and also have alot of pain there. Sounds like he got an xray not an MRI.....mine is in pain from bone spurs that have grown, narrowing, and other things not seen on an xray. If he hasn't had an MRI then get him one. Find out EXACTLY whats going on! My next step is going to be the radiofrequency ablasion, look that up. Its supposed to kill all the pain. Also, It's never too late for PT and it does help! I was also 37 when mine was done. Good Luck to Him!