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Mild Spinal Stenosis....

Started by moveebuff on 05/05/2015 1:29pm

Had an MRI & it showed mild spinal stenosis & yet I am in a lot of pain 24 x 7. I can only walk for around 30 min and then i'm in severe pain. My doctor has started me on Gabapentin for the pain & I'm seeing a specialist in June.
I keep forgetting to tell my doctor about the ringing in my ears. Does anyone else have that?

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I have severe lumbar stenosis and I can only walk for 15 minutes at best, but for the most part I don't walk at all because it is just too painful. If I walk 15 minutes today, I will be in bed in pain the meds won't touch for the next 2 or 3 days. What you have might look mild on the MRI and still be causing you pain after 30 minutes.

I am now up to 1800 mg/day of gabapentin, started at 300 mg/day but didn't really feel any relief until I got up to 1200 mg/day. That lasted for a few months, then up to 1500, now 1800. They don't want me going any higher than that.

The first appt I had I thought I was seeing a specialist, I guess he was a specialist but he wasn't a surgeon, and they had me do the whole gamut of p.t. and injections before I finally insisted on seeing a surgeon because nothing was working. It was only then that I got the truth about how bad my back really was, that I had degenerative scoliosis along with stenosis, and he was recommending a 4 level fusion with rods and screws, going in front and back, a real mess. So be careful what they tell you, and if you don't get a definitive diagnosis the first time, insist on seeing someone who will diagnose you before going thru 6 months of therapy that won't help. Good luck!