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Pain Management Malfunctions?

Started by Cynny200 on 05/15/2015 2:57pm

Hi! Im new and have never posted about my pain before. This might be a little long, please bear with me, but please take the time to read, I truly need suggestions. Any replies I would like to show a doctor. Late 2005, I was victim of a savage beating that resulted in an attempted murder charge, My neck was so mangled it resulted in it being fused from c- down through c-7, causing an edema(spinal cord injury), my ribs were fractured next to my t-spine in 2 places, I lost 5 teeth, my nose was crushed and now sits to the left, My head was kicked in so many times I now have a brain lesion causing seizures that make me go blind, a bruised liver and even my ear was completely black (hard to do even for boxers according to the emerg. room docs. So as a result of these injuries I have failed surgury in the fusions with severe foramanianal stenososis, ans mild up to severe spodylosis (I think thats the bone spurs I have, osteoarthritis, dengenerative disk disease, and now xrays have shown osteopenia. which is usually a precursor to osteoperosis. I cant feel my left arm barely, its like being asleep. So the pain in my neck has been absolutely severe since 2007 when I started PM, I started on 4 norcos a day, and did physical therapy as much as I could. I actually want to get better...and many have told me that. I was very active, this happened in Idaho and I was a hiker, boater an lake dweller! I did gymnastics when I was young as well as cheer-leading, diving competitions and cycling. For a couple years they kept pushing me to get on opana and I refused, I said I was fine with the exercise and norco. But then I started feeling a horrible pain creep up in my T-spine......to where It didnt show in an MRI and a haughty taughty PA even wrote, she seems to always have some insidious pain but recently it was her mid back but I dont know why nothing shows on mri......that was the ONLY other pain I complained about. Another Doctor wrote, "She has unrealistic views that more surgery or other things will cure her" I still did not ask for more or stronger meds. Then I moved to Florida.....

Armed with my perfect pm report I found a new pm doc who promptly put me on oxycodone 30mg 4x daily seeing the cervical problems and FINALLY a big something {bone, tumor?) indenting the thecal sac of my spinal cord in my T-spine. The problem with this is that it was absolutely ridiculous every month to go to a pharmacy and have them say "we re out" and drive around! It is excruciating for me to drive and I went through withdrawals every month. So I tried every thing medicaid had on their list. The Doc straight out said, you need long acting as did the one in Idaho. Morphine inflamed my stomach so bad I had to have a biopsy, the smallest dose of methadone made my heart race so bad I called and he said STOP that could have killed you! Nice... He wrote me for the opana with breakthrough meds, it was the reformulated kind and even though people say these dont work I hadnt felt so good in a long time. The 2nd script needed pre-auth and he said his office doesnt do it and then stopped taking medicaid altogether. I was there from 2011 to 2013....urine tested every month and never failed one.

For 2 years now I have been another pain managment doc. I am in the worst pain I could ever imagine...Still have the neck pain now worse, with a herniated disk pressing my cord at C5, excruciating in T spine whatever is indenting it which makes it feel like a knife in my back and broken ribs all around it, and now nerve pain .I lay all day on a heating pad and as a result I have swollen feet and have even deveoped cysts in some private areas...I know, gross...one serious, a pilaital (sp) But I still managed too 3 months of PT........My pain is so bad I wake up having a nightmare that Im in a hospital hallway begging for help for pain, like when you have to pee and dream something weird about peeing then wake up and gotta go! This doctor promised me ablasions that would end this pain, all this time giving me only 5 norcos a day. I have had 3-4 epidurals and then he did 6 ablasions that was supposed to kill this pain, then start on my neck. Medicaid denied the ablasion where it hurts because of the area (T-10-T-11) The ablasions that were done were where I didnt even hurt in my last T and 2 Ls......He gave me NOTHING extra for these ablasions ans they hurt! Ive had alot of surgery and have had open surgery that hurt less!

So finally after crying and even feeling suicidal every day, (I have a Shrink too, the whole thing was pretty traumatic) I opened my mouth and said, I need something more or stronger or preferably long lasting. I printed out Hysingla which is a long acting norco and begged him to pre auth it and he said he doesn't prescribe it. Since I take adderall for the lesion my shrink raised it because it amplifies the effect of pain meds.

Finally the big question! Please read over all the things wrong with me and all I have done to try to help my pain in other ways and someone please tell me if I am not being believed, even though I have MRI proof, because Im on medicaid, or because I broke down finally and cried in his office! He said there's nothing he can do because the Tylenol limit, and I have to fight medicaid for the ablasions. I had to laugh and tell him Tylenol limit?" I take 3 500 mgs along with the each norco! I seriously know, and read on these things about people who have so much less wrong and are taking way more then what I get, and one norco 10 does absolutely nothing for me! Don't get me wrong, I want the ablasions more then the meds, but until then, life just plain sucks for me! PS: I'm 46, female have long hippy hair and I'm still pretty fit....am I being JUDGED????? Why do I feel like this is just ME? Also, the Idaho MRIs are so much more detailed then the Florida ones, How can I make sure they see both? Everything I wrote on here was shown on one or more MRIs but some just on some......not all

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I am so sorry for your misfortune and I hope whoever hurt you pays for it. God knows you are! Hi my mame is Patty when I was 23 it was a car accident that started my back @ neck. pain the dr told me than that I had a 40 year old spine but after some treatment about two years of chiropractic care I went on with my life and ddd. disease it wasn't until my mid 40 that the pain was really starting to change things I did therapy chiropractor by than the arthritis was bad I ended up with fibromyalgia. djd amongst other problems so yes pain management and till this day i hate it but nothing else works at least I can do. things and yes the monthly trips to the dr wondering is this go.gonna be the month they gonna want prior auth I always try to have enough but sometimes it just doesn't work out like this month, hernia operations so I'm alittle short but thank goodness I have a real good dr I've never tested dirty,I'm now and have been for the last 5 yrs taking opana 30 and perk 15 for breakthru pain of corse after so long on this I feel like I need something stronger but I'm amshamed to even ask don't want to look like a drug addict!!!!! But I already feel like one 55 yrs. old