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Started by Hmars on 09/03/2015 3:18pm

Hi, I had L5S1fusion with instrumentation on Jan2015. I had sciatic pain in both legs. More in the buttocks and hamstring in one leg and tingling,numbness in other. However nerve pain in ankles and feet as well. Several months after surgery the sharp pain in buttocks has left but other symptoms are increasing. I've got swelling in feet, bunions occurred right before surgery and since. Can't walk far or will flair up. Really as soon as I wake up I get symptoms. I am 49, was very ate tic. Still ideal body weight and people still ask if I work out. Because I'm tone. Doctor said I was a great candidate. Had the the surgery because I had spondylolisthesis and thought it would help. Now things are getting worse and feel helpless. Fusion looks great on X-rays:, ctscans and doctor as confused as me. Getting nerve test next. As anyone had anything simar. Sorry so long.

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Have you gone to the Podiatrist for the bunions? I hear they can be very painful as well/ Perhaps if you get those taken cane of the foot pain will be eliviated and you can walk with ease :)


The swelling in your feet and bunions that came right before your surgery tells me there may be something in your back that is causing this, especially if you never had it before. The first thing I would do is see a few other doctors for additional opinions, particularly a neurosurgeon. If your fusion looks good and you're still having a lot of problems, there's something else going on. Additional opinions will help you get to the bottom of this. By the way, if an orthopedic surgeon and neurosurgeon can't help you with the problems in your feet, see a foot specialist. The one thing I wouldn't do is "live with it". There are always answers to every problem but just a matter of whether you are willing/can comply with what is suggested . The relief may not be complete but it can always be improved upon . ( I could talk about myself and how I know this but it would take too much space, LOL.)