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C2- T4 Fusion Surgery Coming Up. SOMEBODY PLEASE ADVISE!

Started by Sheiba227 on 09/12/2015 3:51pm

I am new to Spine Universe but absolutely love the site! Folks are helpful, knowledgeable and informed! Anyway, I had a C1- C2. Neck Fusion when I was 31. Twenty years later, at 51, I have been told I need a C2-T2 or maybe T4 fusion etc. I have a herniated nucleus pulp onus at C3-c4. And various compression issues to all remaining levels. I believe my surgeon is playing it safe by fixing the entire neck now as opposed to doing it in small surgeries over the next so many years. My situation started about a year ago when I began experiencing lower back pain. This pain in my lower back and groin consisted of horrific pain and burning. I first thought that it was being caused by my right hip, which wa dislocated when I was 17. although my hip does need replaced, it has become the least of my problems! I was also having some left arm and shoulder pain, numbness in my fingers, especially my thumbs on both hands and generalized pain in neck. Although most of the groin, shoulder and neck pain has eased greatly, it did not before doctors discovered the neck issues. I have seen 5 doctors. No one will perform surgery to my back or hip until the neck is fixed. The doctors are all concerned about putting me under anesthesia for any length of time while the neck is deformed to this extent. I have been shown where films and with 35 years of chronic pain, treatments and problems, I can see where the area at C3-C4 is thinned to less than half the size of this spinal cord area at all other areas. Has anyone been faced with this problem? I have read all the posts and I have tried all other options and treatments. In fact , if I sneeze too hard it feels like I have stuck my finger in an electrical socket! The sensation reaches every single inch of my body from the tips of my fingers from the tips of my toes! I am hunched over and have been for about the last 4 months. I can barely walk and if I do stand to lean on the sink to do dishes etc., I am screaming in pain within minutes! Currently I am walking just to get a cup of coffee, to do minor chores or walk up the stairs to use the bathroom! All of these tasks cause terrible pain and I need to get to the couch to sit down! You folks are probably thinking "what is this goofy ?!;&/! Waiting for!? Well this surgery will start a string of surgeries consisting of neck surgery and then how many months it takes for recovery. Then I need lower beck surgery and its recovery. Then I still will go back to the total right hip replacement and recovery! So the next year or or 2!!
When I had my c1-c2. Surgery I was a real trooper! Maybe that's the surgery I should hAve reconsidered! But to late now! I can't seem to get that mental lace back! I have finally scheduled the neck surgery for October 15, 2015 but am not ready for it! I don't think that there are any alternatives left. No minimally invasive doctor seems to have any interest or thoughts of helping me ! Well you can see I could go on and on! ANY advise, that you great folks can offer, would be greatly appreciated! Thanx and hope to get your great advise and stories soon! I would love to hear how your surgeries turned out and how you feel now! Rebecca

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