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Spinal stenosis surgery.

Started by 993137084076424... on 11/27/2015 10:33am

Hello to all.
I would be so grateful if someone could put my mind at ease...its terrible being in pain and worrying what the cause could be, I live in South Africa and am a 68 year old female. In 2006 my back pain started and for the next 9 years I went through exercises and the back brace thing finally ending on crutches. Well finally my name came up on the list of many,many back patients at Groote Schuur hospital and I had my back surgery 10 days ago. My file said Stenosis and I was given a double fusion with 4 screws and rod thereafter I lay flat on my back and was discharged 3 days later. My sister whom I had arranged to help me suddenly took ill so I have pretty much done everything myself except of cause driving. I live alone so have no alternative but to look after myself. My problem is that I awoke on the second morning home with a horrible sciatic like pain that runs from my left hip across the buttox and down the leg. Besides the pain I am really terrified that I,ve undone something. Could someone please shed some light as to what could be causing this pain or if its a perfectly normal part of the healing progress. My appointment with the spine surgeon is on January the 7th....so its quite a long wait. It is also extremely difficult to get to phone and talk with one of the specialists. Please help put my mind at rest and tell if theres any gentle exercise I could do to stop this pain. Thanking you in advance.

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I am not a doctor but it does sound as if you have been doing too much. Also your body has been through major surgery and it will take quite some time for the nerves to settle IF you take it easy. I would call my doctor and INSIST on a follow up before January. Its best to put your mind at ease. You MUST take care of yourself or you will be back where you started. Best wishes for your speedy healing.