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penetrating screw.

Started by pgoble767 on 12/17/2015 1:58pm

I had my back fused 11 years ago from auto accident (l4,l5&s1). I now have a screw trying to come lose.I am in constant pain.I need help.

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Hi! I'm so sorry to hear about your pain, but I can relate to your situation. I'm fused L4-S1. In 2012 I had my 2nd lumbar fusion that added 2 screws & a rod to the left side of my spine ( my first fusion was by a different surgeon who did an anterior that only involved 2 cages & 8 screws that didn't stabilize me enough). About 6 months post op surgery #2, I kept complaining to my surgeon that I could feel something was very wrong because I was in excruciating pain. I kept insisting that it felt like the hardware he added was moving inside me! Of course he blew me off. He CLAIMED I was fused (I was far from it),there was nothing wrong that he could see on my imaging & he wanted me to come see him every 6 months to follow up on what he swore I had nothing to worry about. Boy was his arrogant ass wrong! Finally I couldn't take the pain anymore so I went to much more highly regarded surgeon for second opinion. After reviewing my recent imaging & after lots of discussion I ended up having a revision done where he removed the arrogant surgeon's hardware & put in longer, thicker screws in EACH level (6 screws, 2 rods) of BOTH SIDES of my spine. Now, here's the kicker. When Dr. Heary removed the old hardware, he said it was so loose, he removed the screws with his fingers!!! AND 1 screw was broken, & the rod was bent! It was PROOF everything WAS moving around in my back! In my opinion, that made the surgeon that did surgery #2 & who blew off my concerns/severe pain, allowing me to suffer was a negligent POS. I guess what I'm saying is, if you're in that much pain, if you truly believe something is wrong, please! Do NOT ignore it! Make an appointment to see your Ortho & demand he order an X-ray. If he won't listen, get a second opinion, a third, whatever it takes. Go to your primary dr to get an X-ray even. Whatever you do, DO NOT IGNORE THIS. I want you to be in less pain & as healthy as you can be. Good luck! (Sorry for the long post :D )