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Spinal cord problem's

Started by 496739683832090... on 12/23/2015 7:34pm

I have A Spinal cord problem my back bone has grown around spinal cord at bottom smashing it together. One of my big nerves is trapped between my spinal cord doctor afraid it's going to severe it he hope's not I will be paralyzed one day. I have found out my doctor is leaving and the thirty year old taking his place is pulling my pain pills to give me shot's that don't work. I have not felt this alone since my wife passed. any one has any suggestion's let me know. The good thing about my doctor he had bad back would not wish that on any one but he kept me moving and kept me out of the emergency room like I said any one has any ideal's are doctor's not afraid to give pain meds let me know. He was my Doctor for 8 years he was not fond of Hamilton Med center. Have A good day any one that know's A spine Doctor that's good Send me A e/mail our answer on here E/mail micket236794@gmail.com I go by Charles

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