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L1-L5 lumbar fusion

Started by Todd1 on 03/04/2016 2:49am

I had my L1-L5 fusion 3 years ago as a result of 3 bulging discs , compressed nerves, and severe stinosis. Things seemed great for about 2 years. Then low back pain started. Seemed like at or below fusion. Pain in right hip area when lifting leg. Numbness in both outer thighs that would turn into painful pins and needles when laying on my back to sleep.. It hurt to walk, sit, stand, or sleep.. Was just in pain 24 hrs a day.. Went to see surgeon that did fusion. Had a MRI last week. Seemed like the doctor was more concerned with how the fusion looked than seeing if something else was wrong. Just said fusion is great I don't know why your having these issues and hurt so much.. He said hip bursitis and gave me a steroid injection. That did very little.. Same pain returned 3 days later.. Even my physical therapist thinks something not right with my S1 just below fusion cause of the pain and numbness.. Even if it was hip bursitis there's no way I could lay on my sides to sleep. Hurts too bad to sleep on my back.. Just very frustrating when your in pain and it feels like the doctor just blows you off like nothing is wrong.. He's more concerned how the fusion looks than to look for something else causing me problems.. He's supposed to be the best spinal specialist in my area.. Now I have to waste time getting a 2nd opinion. Probably lose my job.. Been off work 9 weeks on fmla so far.. It's gotten so bad I would have to lift my right leg with my hands to put foot over by the accelerator.. I drive truck for last 20 years. Has anyone experienced S-1 pain?? If so, does it sound like my symptoms?? Or any opinions would be great!! Thank - you!!!

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Had a 2nd opinion on MRI... I'm shocked.. Doctor said just a buildup of scar tissue.. I can't believe it.. I hurt worse than before my fusion.. Go to pain management soon.. Can't believe they are sending me back to work in this much pain!!! OMG!! Back to eating ibuprofen like candy!!


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