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Pain management problems..need advice

Started by piinkwolf on 05/22/2016 10:40pm

This is for a friend. He has cervical and lumbar disc bike and leg break requiring pinning..I pun was placed wrong causing bone to heal improperly. He has mri and x-ray verification of progressive worsening..He has has to go to the different poison specialists. The first one didn't take him seriously, prescribed him fentynal patches..repeated complaints to the doctor telling him of their ineffectiveness resulted in two things..1. a skin absorption test . conclusion his soon would not absorb the medication..morphine was prescribed.
After weeks of trial on the medication he found that he could not function on the medication enough to continue with normalized activities if of daily living. He told the doctor.doctor prescribed Norco..but prescribed him only a 10 days supply and expected him to, as the doctor put it stretch them out and make them last..after several complaints were registered with the doctor he was cancelled as a patient and referred to a second pain specialist . A repeat of the first doctor to include represcrising fentynal...and morphine.
After complaints by him to the doctor the doctor let him go. he saw a third recently..she only have him lidocaine cream...nothing for any breakthrough. He gets suicidal at times, he can't work, can't really function much due to the severity of the pain. He is at..I believe a critical point..I've been there..it wasn't until almost 8 years after a botched surgery that has left me incontinent both Burwell and bladder, 3 more surgeries, aracnoiditis , nerve damage..and several hospitalizations in mental hospitals did I finally get any real pain relief..it was determined an intra thecal device be implanted ( a morphine pump ).
all of that to ask this..any suggestions on what he should do.proper steps to take that can get him some kind of decent pain management so his quality of life can normalize as much as possible?
I think because he is considered a gang banger, he isn't, he really doesn't know how to articulate his needs properly to the doctors, and that he is hot headed goes against him. I've suggested to him seek psychiatric help fire his mental health. report the doctors to the medical board. oh, he's on medi-cal a low income musical insurance here in California...I think that is it's another reason he it's being treated unfairly. I know this it's only going on what he has told me. yet I myself had gone thru similar..and I've known him almost 10 years and the 6 years this has gone on..I live in a country that it's shackled by our d.a..the doctors are under a microscope. Any doctor prescribing investigated..it sucks pain meds is audited to find out why they prescribed strong meds. Myself I had to go into los Angeles for any proper pain treatment.
I moved to Phoenix for several years then moved back..Is taken two years to finally get a pain doctor who will except me as a patient because of the pump..I realize this country has an opiate problem..but don't condemn the innocent...I also have severe congenital scoliosis..that's results in Harrington rod,
placement, removal after a year, the pins wore thru my skin, it'd like to know how we both can become our own advocates and channels that could be utilized in these kind of situations. it seems these days the Hippocratic oath means shit if your poor..
sorry for ranting..
Adalaine Marie

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