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How to discuss work task limitations prior to scoliosis fusion surgery

Started by 102093475079472... on 06/21/2016 8:13am

I am scheduled for scoliosis surgery in 3.5 months, need to continue working. My job usually involves a lot of sitting but sometimes I have to go on job sites where I'm on my feet for 2 to 4 hours which has become hard to do. My employer says " they do what they can to help and support my upcoming surgery", and I told them that being on my feet causes pain and I have to take many breaks but they still continue to send me out on this site visits. Am I expected to do this work or am I to expect that they can find others to do the work? I work at a firm that's quite small so they really aren't that many options for others to do these tasks however I feel as though I am risking further pain and possible injury to minors and wonder what my legal options are.

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Tough situation to be sure...if I were you I would make sure to have a doctors note that specifically states what you can and cannot do, for as long as your doctor deems necessary.

Also, keep track of any interactions regarding your health between you and your employer just in case things head south. Write it down....

Good luck!