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chronic pain

Started by 125064813830275... on 06/21/2016 9:25am

I have been diagnosed with DDD and multiple other back and neck disorders. I have had 6 surgeries on my back and 4 on my neck so far. I have fusion from t-5 down to my sacrum. My neck has been fused from c-4 to t-1. My problem is that I have done all my therapies, injections, surgeries, and pain control options. I am left with very limited mobility and so many limitations on what I can not do it leaves very little room for much else. Ihave been getting some pain relief from pain med, enough to take the edge off so I can stay independant. My problem is I can not find a treatment clinic or physician that will do long term pain medicine. I am very afraid of what will happen without them. Where do I go from here?

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