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Sacram Spinal Tumor

Started by 823997824401081... on 07/24/2016 12:40am

I started having pain over a year ago and have seen many doctors and have had many different "diagnosis" but now finally they know I have a spinal tumor and now I have to wait until August 12th to even see the neurosurgeon for help and no one is helping me with meds. They treat me like a junky and like I just want to get high or something but the pain is killing me and I have no options.... I am not supposed to bend over, pick up heavy items, I am not supposed to exercise, I am not supposed to jog or run or kick my legs... I have sciatic pain down both legs, I have lower back pain, I have pain in my Lowe abdomen, I have muscle spasms, I can't walk good at times, and my bowel and bladder does not work at times, and all these doctors tell me to do is wait to see the neurosurgeon and are scared to give me pain meds. I feel like my body is dying. Literally dying. I hurt so bad and they know why but they still won't help me and I don't know what to do. I haven't even had surgery yet. I don't understand why I am being treated like this.

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