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Only used Fentanol patch for 20 days

Started by Sumuir38 on 08/12/2016 2:58pm

I have had chronic pain for 20 years. Last year my primary care physician put me on a taper to take me off of Norco. I was taking 4 10/325 A day. Over a period of six months she took me down to two Norco a day. I never had withdrawal but my pain increased. It was her goal to take me completely off of the norco.. I don't understand why she had no sympathy for my pain. Recently a friend gave me five Fentanol patches he had gotten from his doctor. After he had taken a couple of them he realized that they work for him. So his doctor took him off he gave five of them to me. I couldn't believe The relief I felt. I could work again. When he gave them to me initially I didn't realize that would be a withdrawal when I stopped using them. Now I've got about three days to go when I'll be done I won't have anymore . I still have my Norco which I have been taking along with the patch how much withdrawal will I go through?

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