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Acute Chronic Backpain An Meds For Life

Started by Backpain4lifesucks on 09/16/2016 2:48pm

Hello I'm new here at this community I am disabled since age 25 I'm now 39 my back went out on me due to my jobs an heavy lifting an lifting it wrong I was a rock mason labor mixing cement all day at age 14 they also think I may have inherited this DDD degenerative disc disease I was also a roofer an I worked as a pipe fitter working around an with steel all day so one day my back gives out I hit the dirt an couldn't move my legs it was scary as hell they finally got me up I got feeling back in my legs got home couldn't sit lay sleep stand without screaming an crying in pain so I went to 4hospitols and they said your fine an I'm like something is wrong so I requested to go to a top notch spine doctor at UVA in Charlottesville Virginia at age 24or25yrs old they found I had the spine at that time of an 80yr old man over half my back was bone to bone it's also now in my neck pinching a ball of nerves an my left hand is numb an feels like my nails are going to pop off in pain I'm supposed to use a cane my left leg gives out just at anytime so I had shrunk in height an no surgery available for me 1 he said its to many disc gone an if they try or do a surgery I might not wake up from being put under to operate or come out not walking at least I'm walking then so he said its best to be on meds the rest of my life just to get by day by day as pain free as possible so he said I can see pain management doctor there an see what they wanna do we had done tried everything on the market from series of 3 epidural shots did the first 1an I get home an fall out the car I had a bad reaction to it so its in my medical records to not get any type injections in my spine so did tens unit swimming pools all non narcotoics like gabapenten nurontin it was a long list of meds I had tried over 3times in 15yrs so I go to UVA pain management an instead of 1doctor it was a panel of 4 high tech doctors that stated what they suggest I do an since none of the alternative things to try an take was a failure so 1is I do at home physical therapy as much as I can do everyday as when I was considered disabled I wasn't supposed to lift as much as a gallon of milk I catch myself lifting things I shouldn't but if I just don't do anything an take pain meds everyday it would be like waiting around to die as I'm on 12bottles of meds daily so pm doctors said 2 40mg OxyContin Er 12hr long term an for breakthrough pain Oxycodone Ir 15mg tabs 6tabs every 4to6hrs did that an I thought wow this is a miracle it lasted a few years then it went through morphine 3 30mg a day lasted 1month an uped it to 60mg3aday never got off the Oxycodone at all they went up to 6to8 30mg Ir did that a year or so then tried patches an it was switched after a month of hell then got put on 2 60mg OxyContin an8 Oxycodone Ir 30mg so another couple yrs an I started noticing that it's not working so I ask them to take me of the OxyContin but they kept on upping the mg to 3 80s then finally they took me off it an put me on 180 30mg Oxycodone Ir every 2weeks at first then did it monthly 360 Oxycodone Ir 30mg max12 a day I did that a few years an I'm no junkie I don't use needles also I don't sell my meds as some people do for income I've never got in trouble with the Doctor so my tolerance was blown out the roof so I told them I had been told by this what I thought was a doctors office an they could help my pain better than taking all I'm prescribed to come there an get Subutex it's great for pain so I did go an they lied an meant emotional pain an I had to drive everyday 80miles there take 2 8mg Subutex an 80miles back an total cost monthly cash only $1134.00 a month an I only got 1check a month for $885.00 an including me it was 4of us me April my fiancé an my 2sons to take care of so I got fooled an the place I was going was an illegal clinic I found out a year later they got shut down so I'm in pain now got a ton of issues stemming from my back pain sciatica severe case carpus tunnel fibromyalgia list goes on now all those years on high doses of opiates I'm dependant on but not addicted it is a difference an some ppl don't no but I am dependant on my meds so now they taking pain patients pain meds on a sliding scale so now I get 4 15mg Oxycodone Ir for all my pain problems an iv not been right since like I'm having withdrawals even on the med so all those years an now down to nothing sorry so long but real life story but I've tried getting off the meds but I start hallucinating real bad my fiancé said she never seen anything like that an I thought everything I heard said an seen was real an it was not so I had to get back on the opiate so at this point I'm stuck on what I'm gonna do I'm wanting to do medical cannabis as I tried it an it worked better than all my meds but I live in Virginia an its not legal hear yet hope others don't go thru this nightmare thanks Kenneth

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I have back pain too and had lots of surgery done i fell from 5 floor and broke everything.... he is the only one who fixed it with the help of god i have a Doctor in buffalo ny he is the best his name is Eric P Roger his phone number is 716-853-2225 try calling him and see what he say... I trust him alot...