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Spondylolthesis L5/S1 unilateral left- Disc herniation L5 right

Started by Aisha Dixon on 11/14/2016 4:27am

Hey folks,
I have a range of medical issues including a unilateral isthamic spondylolthesis plus a disc herniation as well as an inguinal hernia on the right aside. The last few years have been a growing numb r of painful conditions and it's really starting to wear me down. I'm 38 work full time and study part time. Sitting and standing are now impossible and I am starting to get radicular pain in my right leg. Not surprisingly I have also been diagnosed as a severely depressed. I have recently lost my job for budget cuts and it's adding more pressure to a very stressful situation. I am on cerebrex. Tramadol ", Cymbalta and lexipro. Still hurts all the time- I have tried PT, Pilates, acupuncture to no avail. I don't know what I want to achieve from this post aside from getting this off my chest. As my fracture is unilateral it is unlikely I'll qualify for surgery and epidural injections no longer work. If anyone has some advice I would love to hear from you. I am in a LOT of pain all the time

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