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Feeling Like Less A Man

Started by Roy Oakley on 12/11/2016 5:39am

Hello, I am new here. I have two bilateral herniated discs in my lumber. I have had 3 ESI (epidermal steroid Injects) to date the first 2 help a lot i was able to get back to work and was enjoying life again. Last August 2016 I had to have a third injection. I don't know what went wrong but as soon as I was in the recovery area of my pain client I was in horrible pain. it is now December! and still have pain daily and nightly to where I am waking up after a few hours of sleep. I have had pain shoot down my right leg so severe I have almost fallen. My wife has had to catch me so has my 11 year old daughter. I am on Norco and need to increase my medication strength but i am worried about working. on a higher dosage. All this has left me thinking my next best course of action to to fight for disability and increase pain med intake. I am a good father a good husband. I work support my family and do feel that i should be the strong one all the time I am and have been the glue to schedule family activities and now all this is slipping away from me it bothers me so bad. I have a doctor apt in a few days and I think he is going to order another MRI to see what is going on. I am afraid he will have me back on short term disability my life is ruined due to the increased pain from my last injection. I WILL NOT HAVE ANOTHER ROUND OF ESI. I feel myself slipping away. Due to all the pain I have a lot of work restrictions that are barely helping me make it through the day. Im feeling so lost and confused. Over this. I have spoken to a surgeon and he said i did not have a surgical way to deal with my condition, he felt the herniation was to small and the risk was to great! I know others have had similar conditions and would love to hear what you have done to cope with the pain and depression of your changing life. I have done physical therapy TWICE and have also tried pool therapy that was suggested by the surgeon i spoke with. I feel I am on the verge of losing my job, I have missed so much work from this and still i am in horrible pain.A month ago i wa sat the hospital ER because I coughed to hard (who knew) and did something to my back I could barely walk i had to have 2 injections of pain meds and a anti inflammatory injection oh and a volume to control the spasm. A few hours later I was feeling better and could walk again without help. I am worrie devery day at work I will hurt myself to the point I have to go to the ER again! I wish there was some better way of dealing with this. Ice, heat, nothing helps I have not been under a 4 in pain for so long. The 20 minute drive to and from work is hell. I go from sitting to standing and have a spasm so bad my right leg draws up off the ground and i have to let it pass before I can walk again. My diagnosis with the disc is as follows. DDD, 2 bilateral herniation with the main herniation at L5 S1 and the other at L4, Spinal Stenosis, And Sciatica.

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