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beyond fed up!

Started by Tracy Figueroa on 12/14/2016 5:35am

My story is a long one,and because of pain indescribable I'm just going to start this discussion with; I'm 50 yrs. old, I suffer from Multiple Sclerosis,Fibromyalgia,degenerative arthritis,9 herniated discs, and 3 buldging discs in my c4, c6,c7 have had fusion of my cervical spine from 5 to 7. I suffer terrible cluster headaches,migraines, eyes have both torn retnas which were surgically repaired but still suffer from bright flashing lights and junk floating around ,that I'm constantly having to look through.
6 years ago i was riding my bike around town,fit as a fiddle and then little by little i started having spasms ! severe electric bolt shooting pain in my feet, knees, hands,back, and shooting blows to my head out of no where! usually striking the temple first.I've been through 4 neurologists, 3 pain management centers but now have had to make the move and go outside of my insurance so i could get some decent help! I am paying a fortune for compassion!!! I waitressed for 27 years, and was a frieght manager for Dollar Tree for 3 years,this job is where everything started to go south in my life. I wish I could have gone after that company , but because I had been in two terrible car accidents and a four wheeler accident Oh yea and a motorcyclce accident,Which I muast say I was passenger in every one! I've always said I'll never let anyone else drive me anywhere,but today I cant say that.I'm too disabled to drive. I cannot turn my head due to the botched fusion and the nerve spasms could cause me to put someone else in my painful shoes. Between politics and the DEA I feel like I'm going to suffer because of those of us out there that need the higher dose meds,cant get it because of all of those fakers out there !!! What can we do?!?!

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