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disc replacement turned into triple fusion.

Started by charliemeagher77 on 12/21/2016 11:39pm

About three years ago I went into surgery 4 in L5 disc replacement when the surgeon opened me up it turned out I had a broken back four to ten years or more 2 inches was removed from my spine or backbone I never knew pain until after that surgery occurred I was forced out of the hospital after three and a half days 6 hours later the ambulance had to come get me due to a blood clot that busted and went up for my inner thigh into my lungs and fill them with love had to spend an additional 11 days there my 4 year old son he was two when it occurred 68 months ago I had my knees x-rayed and then MRI for bone spurs they went in there and got rid of them here I am six months later with excruciating knee pain still again I guess I should say biggest question is will I ever get better however this amount of pain it makes me think am I really in pain or is it in my head am IA piece of s*** drug addict. Or am I in a torturous amount of pain oxycodone. 4>6:-} 15 milligrams a day and it barely touches it is this in my head do I need rehab or do I need more time if anyone has an answer been out of work for over 3 years teen truly do wish I never got in that ambulance to get the lungs cleaned out
I have gone without my medication and literally have to piss in a jug because I can't not hardly get out of bed

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