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Pain frustration

Started by Louiefish on 01/01/2017 7:33pm

I have damage from C2-T2. Sometimes the pain is so overwhelming, the meds do nothing, I vomit and cry and basically, worry I'll have a stroke or seizure. In the process of getting a new doctor, mine seems to think I want pain killers - had to ask for a referral for a specialist. Because, while he can see several things that "may be painful", he can't see what's causing the acute pain.
Whereas the specialist said, you need surgery. Soon.
Waiting for results of lawsuit, I can't afford to have no income and surgery. Not to mention the cost of after care.
Does anyone know if pain can cause stroke, or anything else? I have tried to look up, but too much garbage on the Internet, have no idea. It's a public holiday, short of hospital, which may still happen, can anyone help me?

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