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Pain and sciatica

Started by Susan Shaw on 01/04/2017 5:48pm

When I was about 2 I was sent to Davyhulme hospital manchester , to be seen by a Mr Charnley who was creating a new hip joint . he axcepted me as a guinnipig, because I had a very shortened femur , my parents had been told I would never walk ,so my mother saidied she had nothing to loose , by me not having it done ,I was in frog plaster fo r over 12 months ,the oppe ration was a success. In many ways I never looked back. Bbut from the age of about 8 I've had constant pain,the Base of my coxes I have a kind of sealed hole my spines got an extra length that folds outwards ,also I have quiet a bit off extra bone in a bundle at the Base . I have little to no hip on the left side, left leg is shorter .so coceqently I have always leaned to the right .my head and shoulder lean to the left and I have had sciatica for over 25 years .on and off more on then off

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