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harrington rod/flatback

Started by MargarettePurnell on 02/03/2017 4:14am

Hello. I am a 47 yo female. Had double curvature of spine. Harrington rod implementation 9/25/1985. The rod improved curvature considerably and I had no problems for many years. Slowly but surely started having pain off and on. Then it progressed over the years. I worked all my life since the age of 16. Most of it standing. Anyway, now I'm disabled(hate it), have degenerated disks, arthritis, bone spurs, spinal stenosis and pinched nerves in lumbar and cervical spine. Also I've been told I have flat back syndrome. I stay in pain constantly, but it is much worse when standing for more than ten minutes or so.
What I'm wondering is, does anyone know where or who I should see about getting this rod out? Would it be helpful, or a waste of time? Remember, too that I'm on SSDI and would have to be a doctor that accepts medicare and medicaid. I live in NW Florida. Thanks.

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Hi, and thanks for your post! We are so sorry to hear about all the pain you're experiencing. Have you checked out our doctor finder tool: https://www.spineuniverse.com/locate/spe... ? That might be a good place to start--it will locate qualified spine specialists in your area who might be able to help you find relief. We wish you the very best of luck!