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Considering Artificial Lumbar Disc Replacement, requesting advice/experiences

Started by jasontliu on 02/17/2017 12:29pm

Hi, new to the forum. Brief history of issues: Active Duty US military, 34 year old male, 2x L-4 L5 microdiscectomies in 2014 for a badly herniated disc. Disc has continued to be problematic with Degenerative Disc Disease. Over the past three years I have tried Racz procedures, Steroid shots, botox shots, radio frequency ablation, and most recently a spinal cord stimulator that did basically nothing. All of my pain is in my right leg, that is exacerbated by prolonged sitting/staying in one position for too long.

Most recent MRI January 2017 shows continued degeneration and possible reherniation at L4-L5, as well as degeneration at the L3-L4 level. Military doctors want to perform a fusion, and I want to avoid that at all costs.

I've begun researching Lumbar Artificial Disc Replacement, and I've come across the M6-L device, among other designs. Can anyone provide their experiences with Lumbar Artificial Replacement, and which doctors to go to? I understand the best doctors doing these procedures are all in Europe.

I may be a candidate for 2 level ADR, at the L3-L4 level and L4-L5.

Thank you all.

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