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Unable to walk without walker

Started by PITA on 05/27/2017 8:11pm

I first had back surgery back in 1971 Lamanicty and Fusion. All was fine up until about Five years ago. An than it appeared on a daily basis the back pain every so slightly and is a little worse than the day before. I have since hand one operation that consisted of Cleaning away some arthritis Treating Stenosis a few rods and pins installed in my back. In my opinion all of which did nothing the pain continues to get worse. I have gone for seveal MRI. CT Scan X Rays all of which said that everything appears to be in good shape. But the pain keeps getting worse. If I attempt to turnover in bed I want to cry with the pain.. I pray to God no one out there suffers they way I do. Since March 5th the pain has gotten worse that is the date my wife passed away.

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Hi, PITA-I'm sorry that you're going through this pain again! Have you gotten a second opinion? I'd suggest that you see a neurosurgeon, physiatrist or pain management clinic. Any of these could provide some guidance about what may help. Best wishes!