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Fentanyl patch for pain management

Started by susan 49 on 07/31/2017 12:52pm

Has anyone else used a Fentanyl patch for pain management? My pain doctor started me on this last week and so far, I don't see any improvement. The dose is 12 mcg., so maybe I need a bigger dose. I will keep taking it until my next appointment in 3 weeks. Let's hope things get better.

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Hello, and thanks for your post! We don't have any personal experiences to share about the Fentanyl patch, but we're curious: Did your doctor give you any indication as to when you're supposed to start feeling the effects of the medication? If he/she didn't, perhaps it's worth a call to your doctor to determine if you could try out a new dosage before your follow-up appointment.

Hopefully the medication kicks in soon--or you can get a new dose to offer you some relief!


I have been on the fentanyl patch for 8 years. I started with a small dose and went up in dosage every 3 or 4 months. I am on 75mcg every 48 hours. I try every 36 hrs but on the 3rd day I would get really sick (withdrawals) I felt great after the dr. told me to change every 24hrs. It took a while to work. I still have bad pain but it is not all the time. I hope this helps!