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Cervical C5/6 and c6/7 and fusion at L3 through S1

Started by Nanamiss124 on 08/13/2017 5:18am

Well, I've been through hell and back and am now at my wits end. I've never had high blood pressure and now am out of control when the pain occurs, the pressure goes sky high to alarming rates. I had L4/5 fused in 2010 (4th surgery). Then in 2010 they fused L3-S1 to zl4. Only issue, the Dr. never touched L4. Per him, 8 will always have pain... been seeing Pm now discovers c5/6 bulgin and C7 torn, new MRI reflects bone spurs at both cervical levels To add icing on the cake, the blood pressure is alarmingly high 200/120 at times, I've been through an ehchocardiagrm which ruled out my heart (shocking, but heart is normal at all levels). I've been prescribed starting at norco,now on Percocet. Yes, I'm once of those who pay 829/mo for health insurance, it's incredibly hard to pay. Due to a mailing issue, they've cancelled my insurance and recently, at my monthly appt. I was turned away being didn't have active insurance (formality with Blue. cross needing a request in writing from me beggin them to reinstate my insurance, per the health system I'm a part of, I was turned away from my appt, back didn't have insurance and "no amount of cash for the visit would get me in to see my pm dr.) his resulting in no pain meds,,,imagine that,,,,I don't know what to do or how to turn, I feel like they are waiting for me to have a heart attack or stroke in order to get the proper attention that I need. A few weeks ago, I lost all feeling on my arms and neck, yet another ER visit, here's the kicker, I've applied for disability from social security, saw th judge in 6/5/17 nand still waiting in decision,,,,what do I do about the bone spurs (which pm dr, says no major change) which I feel is bs. The discs are no longer torn and ruptured,but are bome spurs. Can anyone give me insight as to what has worked for them in the past? Should I try a specialized care center or what? My surgeon wants to wait to perform surgery until I get worse... I.e., loss of mobility... am I crazy or does this make sense? It sure doesn't to me,

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