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Fusion c2-t2

Started by KDWheat on 09/15/2017 6:14pm

In 2010, I had a decompression laminectomy of the lowest 3 lumbar vertebrae, this immediately alleviated the sciatica. I was in the hospital for 5 days, due to poor pain control. Eventually, I healed, but now the severe bone spurs are causing awful pain in my c-spine. Now, the same outstanding surgeon advises me to have fusion surgery at level C2 - T2. I trust him with my life, but I'd still like to hear what others experiences have been.

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Hi, KDWheat--thank you for your post! We're sure others in our Community will share their personal experiences with this surgery with you, but we'd like to say how happy we are that your first spine surgery was a success and that you have such a great relationship with your surgeon.

Having a trusting relationship with your doctor is so important--not just because you want to be in the best of hands during the procedure, but it also makes a big difference after. Studies show that positive outlooks before surgery may help you during your recovery.

When we read your post, we thought of this article: ( Can You Make Spine Surgery a Positive Experience? I Did! ). We hope it offers some good insights as you weigh the decision of whether to undergo spine surgery again.

While you've no doubt already reviewed many questions with your surgeon since you already have an established relationship, we want to share this article with you in case any of these questions haven't been covered: ( Spine Surgery: Questions to Ask Your Doctor ).

We hope this information is helpful to you. With whatever decision you move forward with, we wish you the very best!