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Neck out worse than usual

Started by Tarbaby on 10/28/2017 5:00pm

Ive had bulging disks in my neck for over 6 years with degenerating spine disease. Ive gotten very little treatment and was denied surgery dt my age. Im 35 now. Today I coughed and popped my neck out so bad I can't move it or my left arm, im gonna go to the Er but im scared to have anyone mess with if for fear of it getting worse. What can I do or allow the Drs to do that will help? For the most part, normally I have full range if motion in it I just can't over do it with lifting etc but I just moved and did a lot of lifting AI that may have continued to today's problem. Please help im in excruciating pain

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Hi, Tarbaby--we are sorry to read about your recent bout of neck pain! Our advice, first and foremost, is to allow your doctors to properly examine you (it may include palpating the painful area or taking an imaging scan) so they are best able to understand the extend of your pain.

We do have some conservative treatment content that may be worth exploring. Again, your doctors are best positioned to offer you treatment advice, so please get their approval before moving forward with any of these therapies:
( At-home Treatments for Neck Pain )
( Neck Pain Animation )
( 5 Treatments for Degenerative Disc Disease )

We hope this information helps. Hopefully, this current episode of pain--though obviously severe--is short lived. Keep us posted on how you're doing!