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8 month Post-op Spinal stimulator

Started by animalsangel on 02/25/2018 3:57pm

I had my leads implanted near L4 L5 S1. My mobility is below average but better than before surgery. My pain has since migrated to my S I joint and both hips. It has gotten to where all of the settings on my remote are somewjat aggravating thr pain. I have a laundry list of diagnosis in my MRI that led me to the implant. DDD, a few torn annulus, nerve impingement, herniated and bulging discs. My doctor has me taking a low dose 5 mg Hydrocodone 2xs a day and Tizanidine 2 mg 3x a day. The pain medication is no longer helping. I end up having to take 4 a day. I am wondering if I should see a Neurologist and an actual pain specialist. I was wondering if anyone has a stimulator and can help me

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Hi, animalsangel--thank you for your post. We are sorry to read that you're still in a substantial amount of pain with your SCS. If the implant isn't working--and neither is medication--we think it's a good idea to seek opinions from a neurologist and a pain management specialist. Our doctor finder tool can help you find qualified doctors near you: https://www.spineuniverse.com/locate/spe...

We hope getting a different perspective will shed light on a different way to relieve your pain. We wish you the best of luck!


If I was you take that darn thing out. They don’t work it’s a money scam for the doctors and that TAZ 2 mg Doesn’t work! Need vilum or something close to that.They probably pushed that Stimulator onto you when they should of tried a low dose of pain medication. It will get worse! My prayers are with you!!


Hi, AnimalsAngel! (I hope that the way that I've capitalized your user name here is OK with you; I just thought that it was a fun way and emphasizes what you're saying! And, good for YOU about being their 'angel'!) I am BRAND spanking NEW on here, having discovered this website and its online patient community just about one hour ago, where I've parked myself on my living room couch, at 4:30 am, so that I don't disturb my spouse's sleep in the bedroom. He's such a light sleeper that I'm using my device with only its 'bad" blue light, which is said to interrupt our ability to sleep, and I'll use my phone's flashlight in case I feel compelled to read some old-fashioned, actual 'paper work'! All of this because my chronic pain is breaking through a LOT tonight/this morning, in spite of my relatively VERY HIGH round-the-clock doses of the opioid pain meds that I've been on for now more than five years, AND the newest model of an SCS that the FDA approved; the one made by (what was formerly named, 'St. Jude Medical') now Abbott, which uses different technology that they've named 'burst', and so as long as my SCS is functioning properly, I NEVER feel its tingling, buzzing, etc. There were several additional considerations about it that factored into my choosing THIS model SCS, which I'll be happy to discuss with ANY member(s) if anyone wants to, AND I surely don't offer myself up as an 'expert' on any of these issues! HOWEVER, even though there have been a few 'glitches' with my SCS since my 'permanent' implantation surgery, on December 16, 2016 (and only after, what's as of now, a total of FIVE (5) SPINAL & SPINAL RELATED SURGERIES, SO FAR!), mostly due to it still being such new technology here in the USA (I was told that it's been in standard patient use, separate from clinical trials, in Europe, for almost ten [10] years, with very positive results.) and I'm now impatiently waiting to hear when the FDA has finally approved the most recent upgrade to its OS so MY device can get its upgraded OS via its Bluetooth that's now inside of me and the Abbott field tech's iPad and ITS Bluetooth