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"Central Nervous System Pain"

Started by Linda497 on 04/27/2018 2:19pm

Have you been told you have central nervous system pain? What do you know about it , how you got it and have you found relief for it? After 35 year history ungodly, life altering and reduced quality living, I had orthodontist surmise I had central nervous system pain. Others said occipital neuralgia, cervicalgia, C2 nerve root pain (diagnosed by nerve root block at right C-2) for which peripheral nerve surgery at this level × 2 did not help. While 8n teens and 20's had about 4 traumatic head/neck injuries, I believe dive into pool striking right forehead underwater on right pool side wall damaged right C-2 nerve root and brainstem. Very few drugs helped diminish the pain short of migraine like (Imitrex, Zomig) and Excedrin xstrength. In recent months, started with CBD oil, drops under tongue 2×day and this pain is 85-90% relieved. It is the hemp, marijuana plant leaf oil without the THC, the psychoactive mind-alterating component. Now, at 66 and after 36 years of such life diminishing and altering pain, I can now live without such torture. Try it though it is expensive; it is now necessary that I have it the rest of my life. There are many other benefits to CBD other than pain relief. Do your research and let's get the passage of this lifesaver at a federal level. It's time to improve our quality of life from chronic pain and aid addicts in hopeful pain relief and get off the opiods. I'd still like to know more about central nervous system pain. There is very little information I could find on it.

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Hi, Linda497--thanks so much for your post and for asking about central nervous system pain. We have some content that we think you might be interested in, and this article, in particular, came to mind: ( Understanding Neuropathic Pain ). It's written by a pain management specialist on our Editorial Board, and he offers a great explanation for this unique type of pain.

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