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C4-5 Myelopathy, Mobi-C disc replacement May 2018

Started by MetalTiger on 06/08/2018 7:59pm

I am new here, just sharing I’m in my 6th week of disc replacement surgery for myelopathy. Feel like a layer of extreme pain has been lifted. This is my 3rd spine surgery in past 7 yrs. I am doing well recovery wise with the disc replacement, I prefer it to the fusion which I’ve had done before too. Still have lots of pain left over due to other damaged discs and injuries throughout my spine (old car crash injuries). My nerves are still quite jumpy, sensitive to certain noises and don’t like being bonked, haha. But am so grateful to have this myelopathy out of the way, so scary having that. Grateful to my surgeon and his team. So far, I like the Mobi Disc, nice to have that bit of mobility vs fusion. Just sharing. Been a lot of work to manage my spine injuries and chronic pain.

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