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Back surgery

Started by sue@ osprey on 06/13/2018 1:37pm

I am 75 years old and with the exception of my back, in good health. In 2009 I had a lumbar laminectomy from L3 through the bottom of L5 with a fusion at L3-4 with screws and rods . At this time I am experiencing right side back, leg and foot pain and can only walk or stand for 5 minutes without a high level of pain. My surgeon, who is exceptional, is recommending anterior diskectomy and fusion at L4-5, posterior laminectomy at 2-3 level and decompression at L5 and foraminotomy at L5-S1. Would remove prior instrumentation and incorporate those levels into with new screws and rods. Refers to the operation as a revision. Remove old, put in new from L2-S1. Sounds like a very scary surgery to me, but I am losing my ability to walk any distance. He has also told me I should avoid bending, lifting and twisting and keep my back straight for everyday living because of the pressure put on the upper levels and the future need for further revision surgery in 10 years. Has anyone had this procedure done and what were the results. He said there is nothing of a conservation nature that will help. I have done injections, pt, etc. Thanks for your comments.

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