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Extensive thorocolumbar surgery

Started by schautzee on 11/16/2018 8:03am

I'm new to this, pain has me wide awake. My first and only surgery was done 16 most ago...mild scoliosis, replaced l4, fused multi level from t11-12 to s1, including screws stabilizer pedicle screws at sacroilac joints...rods...for first 3 most post op, felt uncomfortable but was assured things were going as planned...next vt/mti shows loose screws at sacroliac joints, and two others at s1/l5...I've read so many blogs but mine don't match any of the failed back surgery syndrome symptoms that usually occur in patients...instead I began having breathing problems , severe muscle tightening at rib cage atea of back, tender ribs in front, and more recently extreme mid back pain at surgical site. I had to move to another county recently in California, therefore still waiting on new doctors visit...but I have radnet radiology portal for patients...I'm no radiologist, but my reports for the past 3 CT/MRIs have all stated nearly all my thoracic discs has persistently been seen with increased ddf as well as other foramina problems , etc, and my neck as well...has anyone had anything like this happen? I'm confused, and I'm getting more and more hunched...I was a spry construction worker (female) and now I'm still in a brace and using a walker...I so believed in my neurosurgeon...but once he realized I'd be moving soon, I got less and less response from him....I can't lie down on any flat surface without breathing difficulty untop of constant pain from back forward to ribs and stomach areas. Please excuse the long text...and if anyone has gone thru this type result after surgery, please tell me of your outcome, or what you're going thru now...family is not supportive of broken toys on my side,of the and I feel very worthless and lonely...please , can anyone relate? It all started with a car wreck...broken c1/c2 ondontoid...which healed fairly well with little pan to this day (2014), and a broken back at l1...later slipped and broke l4....I actually hope no one has had to deal with this back pain period...but we all know different....thank you...sincerely, schautzee

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