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No Pain 8 Days before surgery??

Started by MGS on 11/19/2018 9:24pm

I’m scheduled to have OLIF Surgery next week 11/28/18 i had a bad cold last week and they gave me a Steroid shot, Why besides the obvious am i having no pain what so ever??
I’ve had paid for almost 2 years daily and finally decide to have this surgery and Now I have no pain the last 2 weeks, what do I do?
What would anyone do.
I have 3 levels L3-4/L4-5/L5-S1 noting to laugh at.
I’m ready to cancel but one, I met my out of pocket for the year with ADR A In May and third will cost me noting.
And when the pain is there it’s Bad.
Why is this happening?
Help In Chattanooga

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