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Thoracic disc operation - Thoracotomy

Started by Caro on 11/22/2018 10:48pm

I wanted to hear from anyone that has had a thoracic disc operation. The operation removes herniated disc from compressing spinal cord. It is a very big operation in the thoracic part of the spine. Was it successful for you? How long was recovery etc?

Thank you in advance/

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I am having the exact same problem in my c-6. It’s horrid. My mri results came back and they said it was awful and should go into surgery the next two days. I want to get a couple other opinions from doctors and see if there’s any other hope. This is depressing me so bad. I’m 33 single mom and have never had any issues.. and all of a sudden this! I wish you luck as well. We must stay positive :)


Thank you for your response. What symptoms are you having? Have you got alot of pain. I also have a c5/6 disc herniation in my neck. It has been there for many years. At this stage I do not need to have it operated on as it is not compressing spinal cord. It is good you are getting other opinions. I think probably if you can avoid surgery that is good, but it depends how much it is affecting your life. Definitely get other opinions though. Did you have an accident or did it just appear? I wish you the very best and feel for your situation. Best wishes to you.


I am in my 40s had a c5 and c6 discectomy in October 2014, I had really good results for the past few years. They went in through the front of my throat and removed with vacuum damaged discs and replaced with manmade. I felt an almost immediate sense of relief when I woke up from surgery as I also had 2 nerve root compressions that affected my right arm greatly.
I haven't resumed the same activities that I used to do in the past as I was always afraid of reinjury and really could not handle living in pain, this winter I had a bad fall on the ice and it seemed like all the same pains were back again, I now have the pain on the left side of my body though, and headaches as well as incontinence which isn't so nice. I have an appointment to see the surgeon again in the summer if I cant get in sooner.
The CT scan shows disc and bone spurs pushing on nerves and basically my entire back is a mess, from top to bottom. I am missing work due to headaches and pain that is unbearable, the doctors wont prescribe anything stronger than tylenol, I do bake pot brownies sometimes with mild relief, I really don't know why they wont give me anything for the pain, and i see some people leave there with hundreds of monthly pain pills.

All in all its a very frustrating thing to have to deal with and I have been dealing with it since i fell off a balcony at 20 years old, the first 15 years of going to doctors I was treated like a junky off the streets and the doctors would actually say to me " your just depressed its all in your head you're just looking for drugs" I could scream at them, they make me so angry, I asked repeatedly for an MRI and was ignored.

Hope you get the help you are looking for, back problem are honestly the worst so I know how you feel, surgery was helpful for me and I was pain free until another fall but I also damaged my entire back and had compression cord injury from the initial fall so my case is a little unusual.


That is horrible. I hope they do an MRI so you know what is going on. Did it take long to recover from C5/6 disc operation?

You are too young for all of this.