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Posted in: Chronic pain, Sciatica, and Scoliosis.

Doctors refusing to prescribe opioids for chronic pain patients

Started by Abbycat on 11/24/2018 3:21pm

The media and polititions are all in an uproar over opioid addiction and opioid-related deaths. A very sad situation, indeed. This is being called a crisis. However, this “crisis” has had a very negative impact on thousands of responsible chronic pain patients who cannot obtain legitimate prescriptions for their condition. Where is the media attention for them and why is every state making it harder and harder for chronic pain patients to get medication?!! Is the medical community/AMA going to ignor these poor people? What happens if pain relief is denied and the pain sufferers commit suicide, will that get the attention of the media and politicians?

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I am in my 40s have had a discectomy in 2014 for an injury to my neck that occurred in the 90s it took 20 years of going to ER rooms and being turned away and told"its all in your head" "its just arthritis we all have aches and pains to live with" "you're depressed and drug seeking I'm not giving you narcotics"

I was at the point where i was going to commit suicide because I couldn't live with the pain my right arm was completely paralyzed and useless and I was in agony every second of every day, finally a doctor in ER ordered and MRI and when it came back rushed the surgery because I had 2 nerve root compression and 2 discs bulging or ruptured pushing directly into my spinal cord, I was having headaches that would make me puke, could not sleep could not eat was having breathing problems and my right arm was toast. They refused to listen to me and its so upsetting to me to think that they thought I was going in there in pain and it was all some elaborate act to get narcotics out of them. I told them off as they apologized once the MRI came back I said: " you people would be the last place I would come looking for drugs if that's what I wanted, ten years I came in here crying in so much pain and you treated me like some junky off the street this is the last place I would come, I could go down town and buy whatever drug I want in whatever quantity I want no questions asked for 5 bucks a pill"
I need another surgery i am in pain 24/7 again, miss work constantly due to headaches or arm pain, breathing problems and incontinence problems and still cant get anything from them.

O and I know someone that did commit suicide by overdose on purpose due to pain and not being able to find any kind of relief.

I really don't understand what the pain medications are made for if not chronic pain sufferers with no other options, and I also don't understand how they throw them around and give them to some people in the hundreds and not others. I know for a fact that a lot of those people that receive them turn around and sell them so they are fueling and underground drug sale in a way but won;t give them to people like myself.


Do like I do. Every time I see a negative story on the "opioid crisis, wether is a news story , magazine, or newspaper, I tell them my story and how they are making life hell for legit people and how the drug cartels are gonna love their new customers. Since most don't understand chronic pain, they don't understand that it can drive good, normal people to do desperate things. Make your voice heard! Even if it's not in your state! Maybe some doctors sued for wrongful death might change their minds. Document everything. Use your tape recorders on your phone's. Stand up and shout out. Oh no. Now the thought police will throw us in jail!!!