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Leg and foot pain

Started by deborah.1976 on 01/03/2019 12:49am

Hi new here.I need some help cause I know I'm not crazy.I had a discetomy at l5s1 in 2012 .I had to lay on my back and couldn't use my left leg and foot.the surgery did good for 2 weeks and then it failed another hernation in the same spot.MY next back doc. Didn't believe me I had surgery till showed him the scars and paperwork due to it happening again in the same spot.so I had a alift fusion on the same area in 2016 and for the love of I still have severe back,leg and foot pain my foot swells and I still can't stand if sit long.I can't stand for anything to touch my calf.can someone please tell me something.I thank you

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I'm sorry you are still having so much pain. My only advice would be to find another surgeon. I would get several opinions. I don't know where you are from but my surgeon and his associate are both excellent. They have offices in Ft. Worth, Dallas, Plano & Decatur. They try to do minimally invasive surgery unless it's absolutely necessary to have open surgery. Their practice is called Disc Spine Institute. I had a 3 level fusion a month ago and aside from pain from muscle spasms things seem to be improving. I hope you find some relief soon!


I'm new to this too. I had the L5 S1 surgery too. They removed the ruptured disc. Did therapy for months. The symptoms never really went away just wasn't as severe. But now it's all coming back, when stand up it's like a Charlie horse, and behind my knee it's like the tendons are snapping. I lost my job because of this, so I don't have insurance to get checked. I didn't know it was possible for this to happen again. I'm at a loss as to what to do to. Nothing helps. I use a heating pad, that does help some. I understand the calf thing I want to puke if it's touched!