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Pain after 7 weeks acdf with fusion and instruments

Started by Stammy93 on 01/20/2019 6:26pm

I had surgery in December still having pain a lot of pain. In my neck shoulders and face the part that worries me is the pain in the front of my neck is so severe and comes out of no where I can't do anything and can hardly breath when I press where the pain is I can feel my pulse is this all normal

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Stammy93 - I remember this pain when I had my ACDF a couple of years ago. The surgeon cut through tissue and stretched your esophagus and airway to one side. It takes time for everything to get back to normal! The best relief I got was from muscle relaxers and ice packs (20 min. on, 20 min. off)! Actually I used a bag of frozen peas instead of ice - just put it back in the freezer when you’re done and be sure to mark it so you don’t cook it later! The swelling will probably take a few more weeks to go down. Try and be patient with yourself! If you’re worried, check in with your surgeon! Best wishes!


Same here, I had pain just as you described for about 3 months or so before it subsided...slowly. You will be good and happy, mine went great. Just a little pain in shoulders and mid back when the weather changes.