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Chronic back pain despite huge amount of meds

Started by Shakkhan on 02/15/2019 3:50pm

Hi , I am asking for any advice about my chronic back pain. I am a semi - retired Professional Wrestler ( have been for over 30 years ( was amateur school boy wrestler , then judo , then bare knuckle prizefighter then into professional wrestling ) and having competed in bouts / tournaments and taking a lot of bumps / bangs / knocks / twisted etc I am for the last 10 years having severe lower back pains ( am told it's nerve related ) despite spending thousands of pounds on massage / physiotherapy / acupuncture/ chiropractor/ and on daily meds of 1800 mg of gabapentin , nortraptline , and every 72 hours i change fentanyl patches ( 75 mg ) I'm still in constant pain . I've had all MRI scans / X-rays etc , even been to see a specialist twice who told me I wasn't bad enough to have operation on my back. Next step is a injection in my back to see if that will help and if so I will have to come off all medications...can someone please tell me or advice me on my back issues.....thanks

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