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C5-6, T2 through T9 protrusion with moderate spinal cord compression, and T12-L1 extrusion

Started by Karlic on 02/21/2019 4:37pm

I was hit by a car while walking last January and it took 8 months of me writhing in pain and saying there's something wrong before they would do a Thoracic MRI. Background: I was in AMAZING shape and developed some pain in my tailbone whenever I would do pushups for about 3 years. I went to doctor about it 9 days before I got hit by the car. They said i should do some PT, so I scheduled it. I was then hit by the car and didnt experience any back pain for about 10 days. I started feeling a stabbing and cramping feeling in my side and my tailbone started really hurting. I asked for an MRI and they would only focus on my Lumbar spine, which I had a L5-S1 protrusion and a T12 extrusion. They never even batted an eyelash at the T12 extrusion and offered an L5 steroid injection. The pain kept getting worse over time up my spine and L5 felt better for about a month. I kept working through the pain and at times I would get really shakey in my arms and I felt a stabbing feeling in my shoulder blades. Eventually the pain wrapped around my chest and it became unbearable. I saw 3 different doctors and begged for a thoracic MRI. 8 months later they finally agreed and it showed desiccation of my discs from t1 all through t9. T12 was still extruded and now traveling along my vertebrae. The discs are touching my spinal cord from t2 to t9 and I also have a protrusion at c5-6 that is constantly flaring anytime I get on the computer or prop my head up while laying in bed. I've seen 10 doctors so far and it took a year to get a doctor to say I shouldn't be working. I've been told I have fibromyalgia, whiplash, MS, you name it! In all, I've had 4 epidurals, trigger points, massage, PT, osteopathic manipulation, and bed rest. I haven't worked in 6 months and haven't lifted weights in over a year. I'm 27 years old and no one will operate on me. The only things that save me somewhat are Norcos, Trigger point injections, and osteopathic manipulation. I need a surgeon that will operate on me so I can go back to work.

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