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S1/L5 fusion and Sciatic

Started by Danglavin on 02/23/2019 7:49pm

I had fusion of the S1/L5 vertebrae and a disectomy.
I had the surgery because after PT, EMG, injections,, you name it I had drop foot that wouldn’t go away on my right side.
PT helped with the pain but the drop foot wouldn’t go away.
Good news is surgery seems to have helped alleviate the condition on the right but 4 weeks after I started having flaring pain down my left leg.
Over the next few weeks it landed on my foot which now has drop foot and horrible pain on the top of the foot and the bottom of my big toe.
Anyone have this happen to them? Is this normal? I had the previous condition for over a year before surgery so wondering if things are adjusting and this is temporary. I’ve also got atrophy in my glutes and legs so maybe that’s contributing?
I’m so frustrated and have to go back to work in 2 weeks.

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