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Long Term Post Spinal Fusion

Started by StephMeleah on 02/24/2019 10:07pm

Hello- I’m 12 years after spinal fusion surgery and am usually well, but every 3 to 6 months I am out for a few days and feel so embarrassed going BACK to the ER/urgent care for another x Ray and another fill of pain killers when they can’t ever find anything wrong. I work out and eat healthy, but one small thing sometimes triggers a lot of pain. I am going back to an ortho and back to physical therapy, and will never quit trying to support my spine but it’s becoming more and more consistent. Does anyone have similar experiences ? Ideas???

Also- my surgeon went through my side and took out a rib and a half and deflated my lung to reach the spine. Anyone else have the same? This has caused issues in my side because I am still missing the ribs and therefore will have flare ups where it swells pretty bad. I loved my surgeon and he did an amazing job but I have yet to meet another person with the same type of surgery.

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